About Us

Bounce Patrol aim to get kids up and bouncing! We are a children’s entertainment group from Melbourne, Australia who make catchy, fun and educational music videos for preschoolers.

Launched in 2013, Bounce Patrol stars five energetic, live-action performers – Jacinta, Jackson, Alyssa, Will and Rachel. We write, develop and produce original music for every video. Written for the whole family to enjoy, the songs are simple enough for children to understand, while being catchy and modern so parents can enjoy humming along too. Far from a passive viewing experience, our bouncy beats and lively performers inspire kids to get on their feet and dance along with us, engaging both their minds and bodies, and shaking out some energy!

Our videos include enriching songs (such as “Happy Hands” to teach toddlers about the pandemic and good hand hygiene), modern twists on classic nursery rhymes (such as “Baby Shark”, or “The Ants Go Marching”), and songs to build school readiness and develop early-years literacy and numeracy familiarity (such as the episodes “Alphabet Farm”, “Colours Everywhere” or “Counting to 10 in Four Languages”). Filmed entirely on green screen, we transport our performers to a new, fully illustrated world in every episode, delighting and captivating our young audience.

Created and directed by showrunner Shannon Jones, Bounce Patrol has grown to become the largest YouTube channel in Australia, with the most subscribers of any Aussie YouTube channel, and attracting hundreds of millions of views every month.



Jacinta is a high school drama teacher. She loves helping kids express themselves through the arts. Did you know? Jacinta appeared in a children’s book when she was 5!



Will is a professional actor, appearing in theatre productions across Australia. Did you know? Will has 3 nephews and 1 niece!



Rachel lives with her husband and 2 young children. Did you know? Rachel loves rabbits!



Alyssa has 3 young children (including a set of twins!) which keep her hands full. And yes- they also love to watch Bounce Patrol! Did you know? Alyssa hails from Canada but now calls Australia home.




Jackson lives with his wife Kate and their dog Jack (who even made an appearance at their wedding!) Did you know? Jackson is not only in the cast but also works full-time behind the scenes editing videos and coordinating production.


Creative Director

Shannon is our creator and showrunner – the engine behind Bounce Patrol! She produces, directs, choreographs, films and edits our videos; collaborates with our amazing songwriters and audio engineers; performs backup vocals and harmonies; and generally makes the show. Eagle-eyed fans might even be able to spot her making cameo appearances in a video or two…