Kids Songs CD


Listen to Bounce Patrol’s hit songs at home with this physical CD of our album “Kids Songs” a collection of songs to get you up and bouncing!



Features the following songs:

  1. Let’s Drive
  2. Ball Pit Party
  3. Ice Cream Song
  4. Let’s Be Superheroes
  5. If Animals Danced
  6. Animal Sounds Song
  7. Kid’s Life
  8. Astronauts
  9. To the Music
  10. Mummy’s Got a Baby in Her Belly (Baby Song)
  11. Make a Silly Face
  12. We’re Firefighters
  13. Easter Bunny Bop
  14. Lullaby Sleepy Head

© 2017 Bounce Patrol

Additional information

Weight 82 g
Dimensions 14.2 × 12.5 × 0.5 cm