Learning Songs CD


Get Bounce Patrol’s music on physical CD to listen to at home! Our latest album “Learning Songs” contains lots of fun tunes for learning counting, colors, animals, alphabet and more!


Features the following songs:
  <li>To the Music</li>
  <li>Animal Sounds Song</li>
  <li>What Colour Am I Wearing?</li>
  <li>Counting to Ten (In Four Languages)</li>
  <li>Counting Song</li>
  <li>Colours of the Rainbow</li>
  <li>What Sound Does a Lion Make?</li>
  <li>Alphabet Occupations</li>
  <li>Alphabet Animals</li>
  <li>ABC Song (Zee Version)</li>
  <li>ABC Song (Zed Version)</li>

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Weight 92 g